Sometimes even the best cops need a little help cracking a case, and when you're Frank Roarke (Bill Paxton), you don't go asking other cops. You ask your Hollywood madam "girlfriend" for some tips.

In this week's Training Day, Frank is stuck while working on a kidnapping case so he asks for help from one of the most well-informed people he knows: Holly Butler (Julie Benz), his lady-of-the-night friend with whom he has a unique arrangement.

Using what she knows from her profession — the oldest profession — she advises Frank to make sure his client, the girl's father, feels safe, so that he can get the real deal about why the father is apprehensive to disclose everything he knows. Hey, if Frank had it his way he'd probably hit the dad in the head with a bowling ball until he talked. We think Holly's method may be a better way to handle things.

Training Day's Bill Paxton gets into the mind of his character

There's also a near tender moment between the two, which Holly recognizes and instantly alerts Frank of, lest they get too close and screw up their arrangement.

Training Day airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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