Mike Ruggles, Supernanny Mike Ruggles, Supernanny

9 pm/ET ABC
Although Jo Frost is a tough act to follow, child therapist Mike Ruggles is up to the challenge for this special episode of Supernanny (and not just literally but figuratively, too, since Jo goes to the U.K. at 8 pm/ET). And what a test it is for Ruggles, who helps a California couple deal with three young daughters, the eldest of whom exhibits an unhealthy disrespect for her parents that's in danger of rubbing off on her sisters. — Joe Friedrich

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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
8 pm/ET Fox
Is an ex-jock as smart as an entertainment-news show host (even one who graduated summa cum laude from college)? More important, is either as smart as Jeff Foxwothy's posse of know-it-alls? Braving humiliation tonight are Inside Edition's Deborah Norville, a University of Georgia alum; and NBA alum Rick Fox, who's now a busy actor (currently with a recurring role on the CW's The Game). Fox's college is the University of North Carolina. — Paul Droesch

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold
8 pm/ET Cartoon Network
Batman has reemerged in recent years after Christian Bale donned the mask in two massively popular big-screen installments that left audiences wanting more. Cartoon Network has answered the call with this new animated series, which finds Batman teaming up with other heroes from around the DC Comics universe (tonight: the Blue Beetle). And while the caped crusader still keeps an eye on the streets of Gotham, he also travels to strange new places to fight the forces of evil. — Brie Hearn

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Suite Life on Deck
8 PM/ET Disney
Cody believes a mythical sea monster, known as Galapagos Gertie, actually exists, and he intends to prove it. But Cody doesn't go it alone. He selects Bailey as his partner, leaving Zack, London and Woody to work on a project of their own. — Tim Holland

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10 pm/ET Sci Fi
Secret organizations come in all shapes and sizes, and while their motives tend to vary greatly, it's generally considered bad news to find out one is after you. Magnus goes underground with Nikola Tesla, a charmer from her past who can literally light up a room, when the Cabal crashes her lecture and chases the duo through the catacombs beneath Rome. — Michael Chant

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