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Tonight's TV Hot List: Sunday, Nov. 9, 2008

True Blood9 pm/ET HBO Considering Sookie laid down with a dog and woke up next to Sam in his birthday suit, chances are pretty good the nudist story he told Andy isn't going to fly this time. Read on for previews of Hannah Montana, Brothers & Sisters, Dexter and Entourage.

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True Blood
9 pm/ET HBO
Considering Sookie laid down with a dog and woke up next to Sam in his birthday suit, chances are pretty good the nudist story he told Andy isn't going to fly this time. But if she's in love with a vampire, and telepathic to boot, perhaps his coming out as a shape-shifter won't sound so strange. Oh well, all in the name of protection, right Sookie? And at the moment, Sam is all she's got, because it looks like the tribunal is about to throw the book at Bill. — Joe Friedrich
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Hannah Montana
8 pm/ET Disney
The third season gets off to a terrific start, and it immediately reminds viewers that Miley is growing up. She's now old enough to drive. All she needs is to pass her driver's license test. Easy, right? Wrong! Miley fails the test the first time out. But there's an important party she wants to drive to, so she returns to the DMV as Hannah Montana to get a starstruck clerk to give Hannah a chance. Of course, everything goes downhill from there. — Tim Holland
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8 pm/ET, Style Network
In the premiere of the Style Network's new reality series, we meet Ruby Gettinger, a nearly 500-pound woman whose weight is making her life unlivable. Her friends and family support he desire to change, but are also detrimental in their efforts to see that she remains happy. As we meet her, she's given a life-or-death ultimatum by her doctor, who warns Ruby that she is a "metabolic time bomb," thus kickstarting her weight-loss journey. It's The Biggest Loser with the feel-good charm of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, thanks mostly to Ruby's sparkling attitude as she fights to shed the weight that's threatening her life. — Adam Bryant
Brothers & Sisters
10:01 pm/ET ABC
Besides fuming at Robert for flying off on his super-secret Mideast mission, Kitty spent most of last week's episode wondering about their chances of being chosen as a suitable couple to adopt a child. But when they finally meet the birth mother, it appears Kitty is at a complete loss for words. It's a good thing you're not Robert's communications director anymore, Kitty, because these are the moments you're supposed to shine. — Joe Friedrich
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9 pm/ET Showtime
Miguel pressures Dexter to work his lethal magic on a "bloodsucking, soulless defense attorney" who keeps putting "murderers, rapists and carjackers...back on the street...to commit more heinous crimes." But hey, she's just doing her job, and that doesn't necessarily conform to the Code. In a powerfully emotional subplot, Dexter's dear old friend Camilla (Margo Martindale, in a beautifully moving performance) is dying from lung cancer, and she wants him to deliver a killer treat to her deathbed. — Ray Stackhouse
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10 pm/ET HBO
So it turns out that Vince's first-day jitters on the "Smokejumpers" set were extremely prescient, as his clash with Jason Patric proved all too well. And after the cocky, slightly unhinged leading man passed the buck to Verner, will Vince jeopardize his comeback by speaking truth to power? Meanwhile, Eric learns that Charlie's pilot probably won't get made without someone he hates even more than Josh Weinstein: the loathsome Seth Green. — Joe Friedrich
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