The Bachelor The Bachelor

The Bachelor
8/7c ABC
Brad seems to prefer complainers (Ashley H. and Michelle) to cheaters (the departed Stacey). But by how much? Michelle had to rappel down the side of a skyscraper for her rose, and Ashley H. had to wait till the very end of the rose ceremony. And tonight, in Las Vegas, she has to go on one of those dreaded two-on-one dates (to Cirque du Soleil's Viva ELVIS show). Her competition: Ashley S., who won the first rose. Brad takes eight gals (including Emily, whose late fiancé was a NASCAR driver) to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. And Shawntel snares the one-on-one date. The good news: It's a shopping spree. Not so much fun: Brad wants to hear about her work. She's an undertaker. — Paul Droesch

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College Basketball
7/6c ESPN
Six weeks from Selection Sunday, the Big East continues to light up the national rankings with its wealth of tournament-caliber teams. Two more take the floor in Washington, D.C., tonight as Louisville and Georgetown show off their strong backcourts. Hoyas senior guards Austin Freeman, Chris Wright and Jason Clark are on a mission to improve on their 1-2 career March Madness mark, while Louisville leans on lightning-quick Peyton Siva, lone senior Preston Knowles and surprising newcomer Chris Smith, a Manhattan transfer. As usual, Rick Pitino's tireless squad leads the league in three-pointers and steals. — Roger Leister

Shatner's Raw Nerve
10/9c Bio
William Shatner's frank discussion series returns for a third season, and it opens with Carol Burnett, the much-loved comedian whose life was touched with moments of great grief. Those times are discussed, including her parents' alcoholism and the death of her daughter, Carrie. Burnett also discusses her early career and what shaped her. — Bill Ecklund

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Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story9/8c Lifetime Taraji P. Henson gives an impassioned performance as Tiffany Rubin, the mother of a young child who is kidnapped and taken to South Korea by his biological father, in this 2011 cable movie. Determined to get son Kobe back, yet faced with numerous bureaucratic obstacles, Tiffany takes matters into her own hands. With the help of a man (Terry O'Quinn) who helps find abducted children, she travels to South Korea, where her custodial rights are not recognized, and risks everything to bring Kobe home. Based on true events. — Rhoda CharlesThe Cape9/8c NBC Mena Suvari comes to Palm City in the role of Dice and inadvertently turns the Cape's world upside down. Dice, a young savant, is out to avenge her father's death and her target is Peter Fleming — the evil Chess — who has turned Vince into a wanted man and cloaked superhero. Unwilling to be cheated of his own revenge fantasies, Vince finds himself protecting his enemy from Dice, with plans to gain retribution later. So much plotting against one man! Odds are Chess' future will not be a bright one. — Rhoda Charles

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Lie to Me9/8c Fox The series wraps up business tonight for Season 3. Maybe forever, too, because Fox failed to pick up the "back nine" order for the rest of the season, and that's often a signal that the ax is next. But ratings haven't been bad, and the cop show that's bumping the Lightman Group, The Chicago Code, comes with the pedigree of The Shield creator Shawn Ryan. So you never know. In their swan song for now, Cal and Co. take the case of a social-networking entrepreneur who fears that her partner's squeezing her out. Her fears are justified, to say the least: She turns up dead. — Paul DroeschGreek9/8c ABC FamilyCappie has planned his share of parties, but for this year's homecoming he really wants to go all out with an Everest theme. The ultimate goal of this lavish shindig is to impress Peter's father (Jonathan Silverman), a KT alum. Meanwhile, Rusty wants Peter to select him as his big brother, so he works on winning over Peter by trying to steal a rival fraternity's mascot. Elsewhere, BFFs Casey and Ashleigh get into a fight over Ashleigh's hesitancy to move out and plunge into the working world. — Jennifer Sankowski