Live to Dance Live to Dance

Live to Dance
8/7c CBS
While many will see this new dance contest program as a return for Paula Abdul as a judge in an entertainment competition, the series — hosted by Andrew Günsberg, and also featuring judges Kimberly Wyatt and Travis Payne — really marks her return to her beginnings in dance and choreography. Tonight, the contest, which promises a $500,000 prize, opens with auditions in New York and Los Angeles. Each week, six of 18 acts face each other and only two advance. One of the acts is chosen by judges, the other is picked by viewers and announced at the beginning of the next round. — Bill Ecklund

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No Ordinary Family8/7c ABC Jim's heroic achievements thus far have mostly been anonymous, though certainly not unappreciated. Well, the former is about to change tonight when he not only gets noticed, but showered with gratitude after saving the life of a man (Ricky Schroder), who, along with his wife (Schroder's fellow

24 alum Annie Wersching) and kids, become best buds with the Powells. And even though their sudden friendship takes off, Jim can't shake the feeling that his family isn't the only one with a secret to hide. — Joe FriedrichBiggest Loser: Couples
8/7c NBC The Biggest Loser returns to the couples format for the 11th season, which kicks off tonight. But there's a new twist in the game: The contestants receive a chance to work with two new trainers, whose identities are a mystery, at a location away from the ranch. To spark the players' adventurous spirit, the deal is sweetened with an offer of four weeks of immunity for those who choose to forgo Bob and Jillian's training. — Brie Hearn

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Sugar Bowl
8:30/7:30c ESPN
The postponed suspensions of QB Terrelle Pryor and four other Ohio State players from "tattoo-gate" has firmly established Jim Tressel's Buckeyes (11-1) as villains in New Orleans, where rocket-armed QB Ryan Mallett and Arkansas (10-2) enjoy the support of SEC country in the last BCS contest before next Monday's title game. Off-field issues will surely fade once these two talented teams go at it, with OSU on a mission to conquer an SEC foe in a bowl game after getting tattooed in nine previous encounters. If the Big Ten is looking for a good omen, the ESPN analyst is Todd Blackledge, whose 1983 Superdome victory with Penn State was the first of two Sugar Bowl wins by current Big Ten teams. — Roger Leister

9/8c ABC
Anna (Morena Baccarin) continues the trend of showing people — hers and ours — that she is not a woman/alien to be trifled with. In tonight's Season 2 premiere, she delivers a violent address to subordinates who have doubts about her ability to lead, and, on a tip from Marcus, she puts a human scientist in her crosshairs. And if you thought the red skies were ominous, just wait until you see the rain. — Michael Chant

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
10/9c Showtime
Comedienne Joan Rivers: Performing great or grating performer? Love her or hate her, one thing can't be argued, the woman is driven, determined, dedicated and dauntless. This 2010 documentary follows her over the course of a busy, eventful year during which she doggedly does her best to remain relevant and keep her face in the public eye. Along the way, she tries out new material, launches a one-woman show in Great Britain and participates in a reality show. All at the experienced age of 75. — Ray Stackhouse

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Southland10/9c TNT There is little pomp and circumstance surrounding the third-season premiere of Southland, which eases back into its signature storytelling with the intense pace its fans will recognize. Lydia is again adjusting to a new partner while investigating the disappearance of a cleaning lady, and across town, officers rush to the aid of a comrade left injured and vulnerable after a robbery. Officer Sherman sees little action this outing, but is just as challenged as he cares and covers for a partner with a big secret. — Rhoda Charles