Dancing with the Stars Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars
9/8c ABC
"Unpredictable" best describes this show's 11th season, which has been full of surprising eliminations (Brandy and Audrina), new themes both good (the Instant Dance) and bad (TV theme songs), and cast bickering (Maks and Carrie Ann). As for the final three, Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin represent a diverse group, consisting of an early favorite, a crowd-pleaser and a novice dancer who grew. After tonight's season finale, one will be described as a champion. Also: Christina Aguilera performs. — Jennifer Sankowski

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8/7c CBS The conclusion of the two-parter should provide the answer to the big question: Is Ziva's father, Eli, played by Michael Nouri, alive following the terrorist attack on his vehicle during his visit to the U.S.? Also unknown is the fate of Director Vance, who was also in the car. As the team searches for answers, one agent has a flashback of the first NCIS mission. — Bill EcklundNova

8/7c PBS Is Israel's King Solomon a myth? Given that evidence to support his existence (and that of other early kings of Israel and Edom) has been scant, and that the gold- and copper-adorned temples and palaces attributed to him in the Bible have yet to be found, many experts have concluded just that. This Nova-National Geographic expedition in the Jordan desert may change their minds, however, as it discovers an ancient copper mine and a 3000-year-old message with the words "slave," "king" and "judge."  — Jeff Gemmill

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Glee8/7c Fox When we left McKinley High last week Sue was still ensconced in Principal Figgins' office. Will she keep the job (and the power to torment that goes with it)? We're likely to find tonight, when her mother (Carol Burnett), who's something of a piece of work herself, shows up in Lima unexpectedly. There's also big news involving Kurt and Rachel and Finn, and (since November sweeps don't end until tomorrow) there's a wedding. Music includes Bruno Mars' "Marry You" (New Directions) and Peter Cincotti's "Sway" (Mr. Scheuster). — Paul DroeschBiggest Loser8/7c NBC The fan-favorite makeover episode is finally here for the remaining Season 10 contestants, who receive the star treatment from celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves. Once the transformations are complete, the contestants vamp it up for a People magazine shoot and a runway show. But the episode is not all glamour and pampering: The contestants are welcomed back to the ranch with an endurance challenge. On the plus side, the winner receives a new car. — Brie HearnRaising Hope9:01/8:01c Fox With a healthy baby, a loving, if dysfunctional, family and a dedicated, if eccentric, day-care provider, Jimmy has a lot to be grateful for. And since Hope's felonious mother got the electric chair, he's been trying to teach his daughter as much as he can about her maternal background. So when Thanksgiving rolls around, he decides to invite the deceased Lucy's parents (Greg Germann, Valerie Mahaffey) to the Chances for supper, but he soon finds out they have a dangerous way of saying thanks. — Joe Friedrich

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Nick Swarsdon's Pretend Time10/9c Comedy Central From a trust-fund cat in a wheelchair with a drug problem to a hybrid car that runs on urine, Nick Swardson's sketch-comedy series certainly stretches the boundaries of absurdity. And in tonight's first-season finale, you can bet on more of the same with bits that dwell on a couple's ill-fated role-playing; a man visiting his old house; and a time capsule that should have remained closed. Comedians Laura Kightlinger and Owen Benjamin guest star. — Joe Friedrich