The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser
8/7c NBC
Tennis star Anna Kournikova hits the court with the contestants tonight to lead a full-body workout before the group members are surprised with a tennis-ball pop challenge. Off the court, the players have plenty of drama to deal with after one contestant confesses to wanting to leave the ranch, and another is singled out by Bob during a grueling workout. — Brie Hearn

30 for 30
8/7c ESPN
Baseball's defining event of the last decade — and perhaps New England's finest since 1776 — has to be the 2004 Boston Red Sox vanquishing the New York Yankees and effectively ending the Curse of the Bambino. For 60 gripping minutes, "Four Days in October" puts viewers back at Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium to ride the incredible wave of momentum that pulled Red Sox Nation back from a 3-0 ALCS deficit and rendered the ensuing World Series sweep of St. Louis nearly anti-climactic...except that it was Boston's first baseball title in 86 years. — Roger Leister

Life Unexpected
9/8c CW
Tonight's episode is all about getting closer to others, as Cate makes an effort to bond with her nemesis, Kelly. Ultimately, it backfires after Cate shares a secret with her and Kelly turns on Cate and divulges that secret to Ryan. Meanwhile, Math wants to get closer to Paige, but he's hesitant. So Baze offers up encouragement and prods his buddy to ask her out. And Lux learns that her BFF, Tasha, is going to be much closer to her in terms of geography, because she's moving back to Portland. — Jennifer Sankowski

10/9c Syfy
Oh, what a tangled web these Capricans weave! After failing to learn a lesson about the consequences of employing criminals to achieve one's business goals, Daniel reaches out to the shady Ha'La'Tha in a bid to regain his company. Meanwhile, Clarice visits Gemenon to pitch a terrorist attack to the STO leadership, where she meets with the pope-like Mother (Meg Tilly) as the first season resumes. — Michael Chant

9/8c PBS
The Season 23 finale of the documentary series tackles a timely topic, given the recent controversy surrounding WikiLeaks' posting of classified U.S. military documents about the Afghanistan War. The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers harkens back to a similar such incident in 1971, when military analyst Ellsberg, despite great personal risks, took it upon himself to leak the Pentagon's secret history of the Vietnam War. — Jeff Gemmill

Dancing with the Stars
9/8c ABC
This season is not going well for a former Baywatch hunk and a soft-rock balladeer. David Hasselhoff had the inglorious honor of being this season's first castoff, and during Week 2, Michael Bolton became Bruno's punching bag. So now that the older fellows are gone, who will be next to exit? Might it be this season's most mature contestant, Florence Henderson? Or will a young gun like Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, whom Len initially accused of lacking ammo, be the next one to go? — Jennifer Sankowski

Sons of Anarchy
10/9c FX
Now that Gemma's aware of Abel's whereabouts — and that she has been lied to all this time — the personal dynamics in SAMCROland are likely to be testier than ever tonight, when Agent Stahl (Ally Walker) returns to further complicate matters for Gemma and the guys. So does Chucky (Michael Marisi Orenstein), the nebbishy accountant who can't keep his hands away from himself. He's going undercover in an operation tied to SAMCRO's Mayan mess. And in a casting note, Shield vet David Marciano guests as "Chicken Man," who's mixed up with the Mayans. — Paul Droesch