Biggest Loser Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser: Couples
8/7c NBC
The always-popular makeover episode shows the six remaining contestants receiving new looks to show off to family and friends. After a $1000 shopping spree, the players head to the salon for a visit with stylist to the stars Jonathan Antin. But the pampering isn't over yet after the reunions with loved ones, the gang gets a front-row seat for an inspirational performance by Ashanti. — Brie Hearn

9/8c ABC
When we last saw L.A. Locke, he was about to go under the knife — doctor Jack's knife, of course. Jack is certain to have his patient's best interest at heart — Hippocratic oath and all that — but on the island, with all the Hydra Island nastiness certain to come, does the Locke monster have candidate Jack's best interests at heart? We might find out tonight, but we do know that Locke wants to go and Jack wants to stay. In cast notes, Helen (Katey Sagal) and Anthony Cooper (Kevin Tighe) are back, as is old friend Bernard (Sam Anderson). — Paul Droesch

Dancing with the Stars
8/7c ABC
Though Jake Pavelka won at the game of love by meeting his fiancée on The Bachelor, he won't win be winning a mirror-ball dance trophy. Jake the pilot took a departing flight last week, but a train is pulling into the show tonight: The band Train will perform "Drops of Jupiter" and "Hey, Soul Sister." Also, Cirque du Soleil swing by to perform to a medley of Elvis' "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Heartbreak Hotel." Sadly, there will be heartbreak indeed for tonight's exiting celebrity. — Jennifer Sankowski

9/8c Fox
High-school life is tough enough if you're a "gleek," and now the glee kids must deal with the "glist," a tip sheet ranking their "hotness quotients." Not surprisingly, Will is hot under the collar. Meanwhile, Sue is actually embarrassed. No, she's not feeling remorse for all the things she does for which she should feel remorse, but a video of her performing Olivia Newton-John's 1981 hit "Physical" has surfaced. Newton-John has a cameo, and Molly Shannon signs on as an astronomy teacher who won't get along with Sue any better than Will does. — Paul Droesch

30 for 30
8/7c ESPN
"The 16th Man" is the most politically-charged subject thus far in ESPN's 30th anniversary documentary series, taking us back to the 1995 Rugby World Cup in post-apartheid South Africa. Morgan Freeman (an Oscar nominee for his portrayal of Nelson Mandela in 2009's Invictus) joins director Cliff Bestall in reinforcing the cultural significance of underdog South Africa's emotional run to the tournament title, which served as a unifying force for President Mandela's racially scarred nation. It's an important piece of history that also provides perspective for South Africa's historic hosting of soccer's World Cup in June. — Roger Leister

NCIS: Los Angeles
9/8c CBS
Ever since Adam Jamal Craig's character, Dom, was abducted earlier this season, the team — and especially Sam — have held on to the hope that he may be alive. This episode may finally offer some closure for both fans and the series characters. The team receives video evidence that Dom is being held hostage, and they race to rescue him. — Bill Ecklund

Broad Street Bullies
10/9c HBO
If you know anything at all about hockey, there's no middle ground concerning the Philadelphia Flyers of the 1970s. If you're a Philadelphian, you love them. Anywhere else, they could be the most despised sports team in history. Reasonably adept at playing a more conventional style of the sport, the Flyers found their real forte was a hard-hitting, fear-inducing version that made the Hanson brothers of Slap Shot look like choir boys, but it won the Broad Street Bullies two Stanley Cups. — Dave Roeder