The Good Wife The Good Wife

The Good Wife
10/9c CBS
Alicia defends an attorney accused of murder, but that isn't her biggest problem. Someone is slandering her with Internet postings that claim she is sleeping with Will to advance her career at his law firm. And it doesn't help when Peter discovers condoms in her bedside drawer. But who would write such things? Cary, maybe? Wouldn't put it past him since the days are dwindling down for Will and Diane to decide whether to keep him or Alicia. So — good for her — Alicia confronts Cary. — Tim Holland

American Idol
8/7c Fox
Last week's episodes brought us musical scares and musical chairs. When contestant Crystal Bowersox fell ill and landed in the hospital, the health scare forced Idol to pull that last-minute scheduling switcheroo, moving the male singers out of their comfort zone (Wednesday night) and kicking them up to Tuesday. Now settling back into its regular air-time groove, the show puts the spotlight on the Top 8 ladies tonight — including a discharged (and supercharged) Bowersox, who appeared to be feeling quite well when she returned to wow the crowd last week with her soulful take on Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Long as I Can See the Light." — Dean Maurer

White Collar
10/9c USA
The freshman drama wraps up its season with plenty of intrigue in store for tonight's finale. Neal concocts a plot, involving tenuous arrangements with Alex and Fowler, to recover the music box from the Italian consulate, which he hopes will earn him his happily-ever-after with Kate. Peter, meanwhile, turns to Diana for help taking down Fowler for good. — Brie Hearn

Melrose Place
9/8c CW
This revamp finally found its footing before heading into its winter hiatus. In December's oh-so explosive mid-season finale, it was finally revealed that Vanessa murdered Sydney for having an affair with Michael. And Violet finally got her revenge by drowning Vanessa in that infamous courtyard pool. Now, with Violet's mission accomplished, she's ready to skip town and she wants Auggie to join her. Meanwhile, Amanda's billionaire boyfriend (Billy Campbell) shows up, and before long she finds him in a compromising position with someone else. — Karen Andzejewicz

Biggest Loser: Couples
8/7c NBC
The contestants get a dose of reality when they face the real-world task of fitting workouts into busy schedules. Each player works eight-hour shifts at the food bank but still must make time to hit the gym and eat right, a challenge that proves difficult for some. But the night isn't all about work and no play — the episode kicks off with a challenge that finds the teams pulling trucks and assembling giant puzzles in hopes of winning a big prize. — Brie Hearn