The Bill Engvall Show The Bill Engvall Show

Bill Engvall Show
9/8c TBS
For three seasons now, Bill Engvall's sitcom has been addressing the quirks of married life and family dynamics. Consider it the Engvall Angle. These are nice little perspectives on domestic tug-of-wars, such as the up-and-down battles over lowering the toilet seat. Or shaving a beard, as is the case tonight. It gets hairy in the Pearson household when Susan demands that Bill cut off his post-fishing-trip beard. Bill stands up to her and refuses, which is never a good move for a husband, no doubt. And it'll be a close shave for brainiac Bryan when he takes a cue from Trent and begins tormenting Lauren. — Dean Maurer

Househusbands of Hollywood
9/8c Fox Reality Channel
"We're making our own traditions," says former L.A. Dodger Billy Ashley, one of the five game guys showing just who wears the pants in their families. Ashley's joined by Tempestt Bledsoe's guy, A Different World alum Darryl M. Bell; bit actor Charlie Mattera (married to a psychologist); and aspiring actors Danny Barclay (lawyer) and Grant Hudson (husband of TV personality Jillian Reynolds). One reality-show "tradition" is conflict, and you can expect a good deal of that here over who wears those family pants. — Paul Droesch

Being Human
9/8c BBC America
Like Edward Cullen and Bill Compton, Mitchell is a reluctant vampire who refuses to succumb to his darker side. So in an effort to embrace humanity, he befriends a young neighbor. Too bad no one told him that when humans and vampires interact, trouble tends to follow, and Mitchell's attempts at normalcy send his and his roommates' lives (or lack thereof) into further disarray. — Karen Andzejewicz

The Terminators
9/8c Syfy
If you thought Terminator Salvation was a noisy mess or you really miss Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you can get your "cyborgs-vs.-people" fix with this straight-to-DVD flick that is similar to (but separate from) the franchise made famous by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bonus: if you want to see what Jeremy London's been up to since 7th Heaven closed up shop, you can stop channel-surfing now. — Michael Chant

Country at the White House
9/8c Great American Country
Banjos and fiddles aren't normally heard in the White House, but they are front and center when Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss and Union Station, and Charley Pride perform for President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as part of a continuing-music series at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Paisley performs songs from his 2009 CD, American Saturday Night, including the Obama-inspired "Welcome to the Future." — Tim Holland