America's Got Talent America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent
9/8 CT NBC
The summertime star search begins to evolve and advance, as tonight's episode marks the 10th and final audition installment. Off-the-street contestants (and some off-the-tracks train wrecks) continue their pursuit of star-bright entertainment fame by performing in showcases. These first-rounders hope to advance to the "Vegas Verdicts," which begin next week. In those Sin City shows, the judges will debate their fate and begin forming the coveted Top 40. — Dean Maurer

Black in America 2
8/7 CT CNN
Today and tomorrow, Soledad O'Brien follows up last year's Black in America reports by examining efforts to address pressing problems facing the black community. Among the subjects profiled in the stellar documentary: Wedded Bliss Foundation's Nisa Muhammad, who's striving to save troubled black marriages; and Dr. Lisa Newman, a lead investigator of triple-negative breast cancer (which disproportionately affects black women). Tomorrow, O'Brien details the development of future black leaders. — Jeff Gemmill

9/8 CT TNT
It's justice for all when Nate Ford and his scheme team continue to drive hard to take down white-collar hoods, crooks of capitalism and abusers of privilege. Our high-tech Robin Hoods pack a punch tonight: They target a crooked fight promoter and attempt to snare him in a scheme involving a faux television deal. But their mark isn't punch-drunk — he's sly and he's on to the sting, forcing Eliot to enter the ring. Mixed-martial-arts fighters Ed Herman and Matt Lindland guest star. — Dean Maurer

10/9 CT BIO
Considered among the greatest actors of his generation, Academy Award winner Robert De Niro wrote his name in film history by immersing himself in unforgettable characters in the 1970s films Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and The Godfather, Part II; and 1980's Raging Bull. He even parodied his tough-guy persona in the films Analyze This (1999) and Meet the Parents (2000). This hour recalls his childhood and rich career. — Bill Ecklund