Groomer Has It Groomer Has It

Groomer Has It
9 pm/ET Animal Planet
Down on the farm, potbellied pigs meet their makeovers when the groomers are tasked with clipping some swine. Later, chubby dogs look lighter on their feet after contestants work their magic using a wonderful little technique called anatomy grooming. With these tasks, the pressure is clearly on — but not every groomer can handle it. — Rhoda Charles

Re-Inventing Bonaduce
9 pm/ET Fox Reality
She might not have Danny anymore, but Gretchen Bonaduce still has his name, not to mention his alimony and child support. And beginning tonight, she also has a reality show of her very own. Re-Inventing Bonaduce isn't quite Danny-free (Gretchen will show up on his radio show in an upcoming episode), but this series follows her as she moves on with her life — a fashion line, a rock band and a new guy. The romance might be getting serious, but is it serious enough to throw away Danny's monthly payments? — Paul Droesch

9 pm/ET BBC America
In last week's Season 3 premiere, Cutter and his crew dealt with a monstrous crocodile demon from ancient Egypt that was released in London's British Museum. Tonight it's a devilish creature from the future that's causing all sorts of trouble. To make matters worse, the creature resides in a former crime site that's closely guarded by Det. Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng). And he's none too pleased when the team starts poking around there. Meanwhile, newcomer Sarah Page (Laila Rouass) has her first encounter with Helen Cutter, who as usual, is up to no good. — Karen Andzejewicz

I Want to Save Your Life
10 pm/ET WE
Shari is an up-and-coming sculptor who's finishing up grad school and preparing for a big art show in which her work will be featured. Over the past several years, Shari has used binge eating as a way to cope with stress and, as a result, has packed on the pounds. Enter the Diet Detective. He teaches Shari new, healthier habits and encourages her to go back to a passion she abandoned after gaining weight. But will his advice make an impression? — Brie Hearn

NBA Playoffs: Lakers at Nuggets
8:30 pm/ET ABC
The Nuggets may have wrestled Pepsi Center away from Vince McMahon and WWE for Monday's Game 4 in the wake of a double-booking snafu, but Game 3 may turn into a smackdown all its own. In Thursday's Game 2, Carmelo Anthony (34 points) and Chauncey Billups (27 points) combined to lead the Nuggets to snap a 24-year, 11-game playoff skid to the Lakers by snagging a 106-103 win at L.A.'s Staples Center. With an L.A. split, Denver effectively snatched home-court advantage from the Lakers. The series is tied 1-1. — Brendan Curley