The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser: Couples
9 pm/ET NBC
NASCAR's Clint Bowyer, the latest in a string of celebrities to pop up on NBC's weight-loss hit, guides the contestants through a unique racetrack challenge tonight. But don't expect the players to take a cozy seat behind the wheel. Instead, they must pull 2-ton cars that have also been loaded with extra weight doled out by their teammates (and potential saboteurs). But it's not all bad news on the ranch — one player breaks a Biggest Loser record at the weigh-in. — Brie Hearn

Dancing with the Stars
9 pm/ET ABC
Tonight's program offers something old and something new as Daryl Hall and John Oates perform their 1980s classic "Maneater," while Adele, this year's Grammy winner for Best New Artist, sings her single "Chasing Pavements." Also, former dynamic duo Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas make a return appearance to give tips on how to perform next week's dances. And just like we said good-bye to Belinda Carlisle last week, we must bid farewell to another celebrity tonight. — Jennifer Sankowski

President Obama Press Conference
President Obama's recent spate of high-profile media appearances culminates with his second prime-time press conference, in which he's expected to discuss his $3.6 trillion budget proposal and economic-recovery plan. While other topics that may be broached include the AIG bonuses, the G20 summit and the war in Afghanistan, don't be surprised if a reporter lobs a softball his way —  the search for a family dog continues, after all. — Jeff Gemmill

Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood
8 pm/ET TCM
In this delightful self-portrait of the animator as a young man, Oscar-winning cartoonist Chuck Jones (1912-2002), the artist who helped make Daffy Duck daffy, Bugs Bunny buggy and Pepe Le Pew passionately peppy, talks about his halcyon upbringing. Jones makes for an engaging storyteller as he warmly serves up "little snapshots" of his sunny California youth that are lovingly illustrated and paralleled by a sparkling collection of Looney Tunes clips. — Ray Stackhouse

Cruise Inc.: Big Money on the High Seas
9 pm/ET CNBC
The $30 billion cruise industry comes under the microscope as Peter Greenberg boards the Norwegian Pearl, a 14-story wonder that's part of Norwegian Cruise Line's fleet, for a weeklong odyssey. Along the way, he explores its many amenities, which range from bingo to Botox, as well as its services, including a full-service medical center, and details how, for NCL and its competitors, the passengers' comfort and fun translates into profits. — Jeff Gemmill