Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ghost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer
8 pm/ET CBS
Ever since Jim's death, fans have been left to wonder where the whole Sam-Jim story line will lead. Tonight's episode seems to be moving closer to some closure as Melinda stuns Sam with a revelation about his identity that could leave the survival of their relationship with a ghost of a chance. — Bill Ecklund

Good Morning America
7 am/ET ABC
Sometimes you forget, but Bono doesn't spend all of his time saving the world. He and mates Larry, Adam and Edge do make up a rock band that has sold more than 140 million albums over the years, and they just released a new one, No Line on the Horizon, the other day. So get on your boots, rock fans: U2's back in action, promoting Horizon, the band's first studio album in five years, on GMA this morning. Incidentally, "Get on Your Boots" is the title of the album's first single. — Paul Droesch

Degrassi: The Next Generation
8 pm/ET The N
Mean girl Holly J. may have finally met her match in Alli, who reaches the point where she just can't take Holly J.'s antics anymore. Alli retaliates by starting an online group called "I Hate Holly J.," but the cruelty of the blogs quickly escalates, culminating in devastating results. Meanwhile, Peter starts babysitting his half sister and quickly grows tired of the job. — Jennifer Sankowski

9 pm/ET ABC
The last time Siegfried and Roy appeared on stage, in October 2003, things didn't go so well: Roy was mauled by a tiger and almost died of a stroke. The good news is that Roy Horn recovered, and his Feb. 28 return with Siegfried — a Las Vegas benefit for the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute — went very well, thank you. And with the same tiger! Highlights of that show form the centerpiece of tonight's edition, which also includes an interview with the illusionists and a chronicle of Roy's recovery. — Paul Droesch

Battlestar Galactica
10 pm/ET Sci Fi
Have you ever shed a tear for a car or any other beloved shell of parts and wires that just couldn't be repaired anymore? You might tonight. After waging two wars with the Cylons and making FTL jumps well beyond her shelf life, the mighty Battlestar Galactica faces a collision course with permanent retirement. To quote poet Dylan Thomas, Adama has a hard time letting the old girl "go gentle into that good night." — Michael Chant

What Not to Wear
9 pm/ET TLC
The show's hosts may be fierce, fashionable and fabulous, but that doesn't mean all of their friends are. Tonight Clinton Kelly gives some tough love to Debbie, one of his closest pals. He says she's one of the funniest people he knows, but her cringeworthy wardrobe is no laughing matter. Let's hope their friendship survives the humiliating 360-degree mirror. — Karen Andzejewicz