Bret Harrison, Rick Gonzalez and Tyler Labine, <i>Reaper</i> Bret Harrison, Rick Gonzalez and Tyler Labine, Reaper

8 pm/ET CW
Don't fear, the reaper is back — but he's out of work. Fans have waited since last May for the second season to begin, and it finally arrives tonight. Unfortunately, the vacationing Sam, Sock and Ben return from a little R & R to discover they have all been fired from the Work Bench. And to make matters worse, they've also been evicted from their apartment. One bright spot for Sock is that he learns he has a gorgeous stepsister (Eriko Tamura). And, of course, the Devil shows up with a helluva assignment for Sam. — Tim Holland

Biggest Loser: Couples
8 pm/ET NBC
Tonight's episode is all about changing the players' perspectives on food and fitness. First, Rocco DiSpirito teaches the contestants how to select healthier meals while dining out. Then, the teams have a cook-off to prepare leaner versions of their favorite foods at home. After that, Bob has a surprise in store when he sets up boxing lessons with Sugar Ray Leonard. And finally, the teams work at a food bank to pack and load supplies onto a truck during a meaningful challenge. — Brie Hearn

10 pm/ET FX
It's the season finale, so expect big developments. Will Christian's death be one of them? It is imminent, remember. (His oncologist said so.) But also remember that the series will be back next year. And will Christian and Liz go through with their wedding? Find out tonight. Other story lines feature Teddy and Kimber, and Kimber's includes Eden Lord. Consider those two to be a show within a show, and call it Women Behaving Badly. John Schneider returns as porn impresario Ram Peters. — Paul Droesch

Trust Me
10 pm/ET TNT
The peek into the rad, mad ad industry continues with the Mink advertising group desperately trying to land a gold-medal job. The mad men and women network to score a coveted account for Chicago's Olympic bid, resulting in gale-force activity in the Windy City. As Mason plans a long weekend with Erin at a ritzy Chicago hotel, he grudgingly gives Conner managerial control over the group. Meanwhile, lauded scribe Sarah nets a new partner who had earlier bowed out of the ad business to have children. — Dean Maurer

Dirty Jobs
9 pm/ET Discovery Channel
Working-class hero and reality-show host Mike Rowe gets to live out what many working Americans can only dream about: He tells his bosses to try out his job for a change! The two executive producers responsible for sending Mike out for one thankless gig after another get some hands-on experience tackling their very own dirty job. — Michael Chant