Michael C. Hall and Jimmy Smits, Dexter Michael C. Hall and Jimmy Smits, Dexter

9 pm/ET Showtime
Crime and criminals run rampant in tonight's episode. Dexter encounters a pedophile while grocery shopping with Rita and the kids. After he catches the sexual deviate buddying up to Cody, he has to ask himself: Does this lowlife fit the Code and is he a candidate for Dexter-ization? Meanwhile, Debra lands a new Jane Doe homicide case that points at Freebo as the perp. Since Dexter knows that can't be, he needs to help her come up with another suspect — and fast. — Ray Stackhouse

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The Amazing Race 13
8 pm/ET CBS
The nine remaining teams travel from Fortaleza, Brazil, to La Paz, Bolivia, on the third leg of the race, and the big question is whether the luck of blonde Southern belles Brooke and Marisa will finally run out. They've finished next-to-last on the race's first two legs. Can they escape elimination yet again? If they do, they'll have to survive Bolivia's brutal climate and high altitude, which makes every breath a chore. Oh, and they'll have to tough it out in the ring with a rough Bolivian wrestling group. Can't wait! — Tim Holland

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True Blood
9 pm/ET HBO
Farewell, Adele, we hardly knew ye. Sookie is bound to be utterly inconsolable after this latest tragedy, and not only will she miss Gran's home cooking, but her wisdom, advice and friendship, too. Of course, Andy and Bud, Bon Temps' version of the Keystone Kops, now have three murders to solve, and if their uncomfortable interview with Bill taught them anything, they'll put their prejudices aside and try to find the real killer. After all, what sort of self-respecting vampire would spill so much blood on the kitchen floor? — Joe Friedrich

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Brothers & Sisters
10:01 pm/ET ABC
The revelation that William actually had an illegitimate child clearly struck a nerve with Holly, though her initial, poorly hidden shock quickly morphed into action as she began her own secret investigation of Ryan's whereabouts. And should one need more proof that Holly doesn't work and play well with others, her recent power grab at Ojai won't end with Kevin's firing. Speaking of Kevin, if his vanishing chances at making partner weren't enough, he's experiencing discrimination at the firm for his sexual orientation for the first time. — Joe Friedrich

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Hannah Montana
8 pm/ET Disney
Ray Romano appears as himself in a hilarious cameo in tonight's top-notch episode, along with guest stars Corbin Bleu and Donny Osmond. Romano is part of a charity auction (folks can bid to go on a golf outing with him), but no one cares that he's there. All eyes are on Hannah to see who will win a date with her. Fortunately, the winning bid is made by Miley's former crush Johnny Collins (Bleu). Unfortunately, the greedy auctioneer (Osmond) turns it into a double date by pressuring Hannah to go out with the second-highest bidder, too. Who's that? Rico! — Tim Holland

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Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne
9 pm/ET VH1
The first time Charm School was in session, Mo'Nique was riding herd on failed contestants from Flavor of Love. In this sophomore outing, Sharon Osbourne is the headmistress and her pupils are rowdy non-winners from Bret Michaels' Rock of Love. Will Sharon be able to make ladies of such wild women as Angelique and Kristy Joe? — Fred Mitchell

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