Why didn't Christopher Titus incorporate his leading lady's recent off-screen pregnancy into his Fox sitcom Titus? After all, Cynthia Watros's Erin character is largely based on Titus's own bride, Erin — who also just gave birth.

"Nothing kills an [adult] TV show quicker — whether it was Little Ricky coming back [on I Love Lucy] or Mad About You having a kid — than adding a kid to it," Titus tells TV Guide Online. "Especially on our show with the hard comedy we do. You add a kid into the mix, all of a sudden it takes some of the fun out of that."

An interesting point of view, considering the comic's decision to, well, add a kid to the cast this season (which kicks off tonight at 9:30 pm/ET). Rachel Roth, who played Erin's teenage niece Amy in one episode last season, returns as a regular. "That's different," he argues. "She's a 15-year-old drug addict, metal freak... psychopath."

And like the rest of the show's motley crew, she's also inspired by one of Titus's real-life relatives. In this case, his troubled niece — who was molested as a child by her father's best friend. "Amy went through a lot of crap — tougher stuff than I went through," he notes. And although faux Amy will reveal that she was a victim of sexual abuse as well, don't expect Titus: The Very Special Episode.

"It's going to be harsh... but funny as always," he says, adding that his namesake will "deal with it the way he would deal with [anything], which is terribly emotionally."