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Leverage returns Wednesday (TNT, 9 pm/ET) with a second season of Timothy Hutton's team of thieves turning the tables on the high-powered scam artists of the world. Last season ended with the team split up over a heist that went askew because of one team member's overzealousness. But Hutton promises this season will include a reunion and his character, Nate, getting his vices under control — kind of.

TVGuide.com: Will Nate get a new addiction this season?
Timothy Hutton: Nate has successfully stopped drinking, we come to learn, but there might be a possible relapse as the season goes on. It's a very, very difficult road he's on. And certain other vices come up and take the place, usually in the form of, not necessarily an actual drug, but more along the lines of how he gets back at people he thinks have been pretty sleazy characters. He acts out in very vindictive ways... People are going to enjoy seeing the vindictive side of Nate.

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TVGuide.com: The show has always been about avenging wrongdoing. But it sounds like this season we'll see some over-revenge?
Hutton: A little over-revenge. Sometimes the Leverage team says to Nate, you know, we really don't need to go that far, Nate. It's okay. And he says no, we're going to bury this guy. They have to hold him back.

TVGuide.com: And he lives upstairs from a bar now? Tricky for an alcoholic.
Hutton: Very tricky, but he did it intentionally... It would be a true test if he could live above a bar, and not only live above a bar, but make sure the bar is fed with jukebox money all night, so that he can hear the real writhing-ness of a bar.

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TVGuide.com: What else is new in Season 2?
Hutton: Theres's a lot more character play going on. You know, last year a lot of us, for some of the cons, would play other characters and do accents — what the writers like to call "hats." So this year we do a lot of infiltrating established institutions. One is a private school, for example, where we send away some of the people who work there and one of us becomes the headmaster for a week.

TVGuide.com: Will the team be reunited at the start of the premiere?
Hutton: No, the first episode deals with definitely going after a bad guy, taking him down. But the first part of it is how the team gets back together. Without giving it away, because it's an enjoyable first show for people who have seen the show and have not seen the show, one of the five [members of the team] arranges to have all of us in the same city for a very specific reason and none of us know that the others are going to be there. So it's a chance encounter, and then it's, okay, we're all together, what should we do about it? And then it gets interesting.

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