Tila Tequila Tila Tequila

She's been burned by ex-lovers not once, but twice after publically selecting them as winners of her reality series, but that isn't stopping Tila Tequila from thinking about motherhood.

While at a book signing for her Hooking Up With Tila Tequila in New York City on Monday, the Shot at Love star told US, "I definitely want to adopt a boy."

"Sometimes I think, like, let's just run away from Hollywood and adopt a son, and do my own thing," the famously bisexual reality star said. "But then I realize, you know what? I want to make at least another billion dollars before I adopt children so I can just focus on them. Like, just move to an island and give them everything."

Meanwhile, despite Tequila's thoughts on proper parenting, non-billionaires across the world are somehow able to pay attention to their children without the disposable income to purchase an island.

How do you think Tequila would fare as mother?