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Although we finally got to see Panthro return on last week's ThunderCats, it was really just a tease. You can't just let him swing those nunchakus, beat up a few lizards and end the episode!

Well, on Friday's episode titled "Old Friends" (airing 8:30/7:30c on Cartoon Network), we'll get to see lots more Panthro since he joins Lion-O's team officially. We hope we can find out what he was up to when that traitor Grune claimed he was dead.

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Panthro and Grune haven't always been at odds. In fact, they used to be pals. Check out this flashback of when they first met:

Panthro is a lot more jaded and scarred (literally) since then. Maybe that's why there appears to be some friction between him and Lion-O. Uh-oh!

On the plus side, more nunchaku action:

Which other ThunderCats characters would you like to see back?