What has two thumbs and loves The Office? This girl. OK, that joke doesn't so much work in print, does it? You know you're in for a real treat when your sitcom starts out with an "adult content" disclaimer. And let's face it, this week's visit to The Office had an awful lot to live up to after last week's masterpiece of a season premiere. Truly, the "Dundees" were a wonder to behold; I defy you to look at a Chili's the same way ever again. Fortunately, the fine folks at Dunder-Mifflin didn't let me down in Episode 2 there's nothing like a good sexual harassment seminar to keep things painfully hilarious. If there's anything better than a good punch line, it's the awkward pause right after; in fact, I'm pretty sure this series boasts the best reaction takes on television. (Shh, don't tell Jason Bateman I said that. You know you're still my main squeeze, Michael Bluth.)

Are you guys gonna totally make fun of me if I confess how much I'm loving Jim and Pam's tortured nonaffair? Seriously, I just want to eat them both with a spoon. So sweet, so unassuming, so very perfect in a show that's got me gleefully cringing the other 21 and a half minutes. Let's not go and mess it up by actually letting these kids get together, shall we? I wonder if series writer and costar B.J. Novak's accepting suggestions over at his TVGuide.com blog