Question: I thought the O.C. premiere was terrific. I don't miss Marissa at all. But I'm just so disappointed about the show's ratings. Why won't Fox move them to a new night? How are they supposed to compete against CSI and Grey's?

Answer: Great news! For the six of you who haven't heard, Fox is testing The O.C. out tonight at 9 pm, followed by another original episode on Thursday at 9 pm. If it performs well on Wednesday, it could land there permanently. Let's hope it does. With Lost going on hiatus after tonight, there's a good chance The O.C. will actually get sampled. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, there is no better time to rediscover The O.C. then now. The next three episodes are immensely entertaining. Episode 4 which, if all goes well, will air next Wednesday ranks among the best O.C.'s ever. Translation: welcome back to The O.C., (lapsed) bitches!