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The Pearsons love football on This Is Us, which is why it's so fitting that the NBC drama will air a special episode after the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 4. The "cinematic" hour will even keep to the sports theme of the evening.

"We're not going to shy away from the football. We're going to lean into the football," executive producer Isaac Aptaker told us. "It's just, it is a really huge, awesome episode of television. Dan [Fogelman, series creator] wrote this script that just was incredible."

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The plan is that the Super Bowl episode will be another big moment for the series, like their Big Three trilogy was earlier in the season. "We were pushing ourselves with that Big Three trilogy. And this was another one where we said, 'Let's just really test the limits of what you can do on network TV,'" Aptaker teased. "We're so excited for people to see it."

The Super Bowl episode of This Is Us airs immediately after the big game on Sunday, Feb. 4 on NBC.

Additional reporting by Liz Raftery