The Pearsons, of the Randall (Sterling K. Brown) persuasion, are settling into their new lives in Philadelphia, but things might not be going perfectly smoothly. TV Guide has an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's episode of This Is Us, which kicks off with Randall and his family getting ready for their first day of work and school.

The girls do not seemed stoked to be starting at their new school, but what is more concerning is a recent article about Randall's latest political move. The newspaper calls him "unhinged" — a play on words for his new open-door policy that invites his constituents to come voice their problems to him.

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Randall and Jae-Won (Tim Jo) seem confident about their new policy, but is their confidence misplaced? Randall has been known to bite off more than he could chew before, so we can only hope this doesn't lead to a truly "unhinged" moment for our favorite city councilman.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

Sterling K. Brown, <em>This Is Us</em>Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us