The X-Files released the first look at the upcoming season of the Fox revival at New York Comic Con on Sunday.

The sneak peek picks up after the major cliffhanger of the Season 10 finale which found Mulder (David Duchovny) in need of stem cells from William and Scully (Gillian Anderson) caught underneath a UFO. In the teaser for Season 11, the iconic duo crosses paths with familiar faces like the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) and Langley (Dean Haglund) while searching for their son, William, who appears to hold the key to humanity's survival.

The X-Files' Annabeth Gish Just Dropped a Major Hint About Season 11

In addition to sharing footage of the new season, Duchovny and Anderson were joined onstage by co-star Mitch Pileggi and creator Chris Carter to share a few teases as to what fans could expect of the new 10-episode season, which will also feature the return of Annabeth Gish as the Cigarette Smoking Man's right-hand girl Monica Reyes.

Skinner, whose presence was sorely missed after limited appearances in Season 10, will be around a lot more this season. "We will explore more of his backstory," Carter said. He revealed that the show will also delve more into the history of the Cigarette Smoking Man after a younger version of the character appeared in the first teaser for the new season. "We actually begin Season 11 with some backstory on the Cigarette Smoking Man," Carter added.

Plus, Season 11 will feature Mulder and Scully leaning more into the action part of their jobs. "As the characters have gotten older, we've given them more action. They've become action heroes," said Carter. "There's a lot of action in Season 11."

The X-files' eleventh season will premiere in January 2018 on Fox.