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The Walking Dead: The First Footage of Season 7 Is Disgusting

No, you won't find out who Negan killed

Tim Surette

Fans of The Walking Dead got a treat last night when AMC's Talking Dead aired a special preview of the upcoming seventh season. No, we didn't find out who Negan killed, but we did get a look at the first solid footage from Season 7. Well, "solid" is a relative term, I guess.

The 50-second clip -- seen above -- shows Negan henchman Dwight (Austin Amelio) riding his chopper down an abandoned highway through an obstacle course of crippled zombies. And that's about it.

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However, to make watching the clip more fun, pay attention to these details. One, the zombies on the road don't appear to be too mobile as they're crawling on their bellies rather than slinking towards Dwight on their feet. Why? Did John Reese from Person of Interest come along and shoot their knees? And what is up with the odd orientation of some of their arms? One zombie's elbow doesn't hold up (gross and/or awesome) and another's arm looks like it's been twisted around. Feel free to theorize, but it seems like someone has been torturing these poor undead souls.

The other thing to look out for is Dwight's outfit and method of transportation. Is this guy in love with Daryl (Norman Reedus) or what? He's got his jacket, he's riding a motorcycle and he's the right amount of greasy. It almost looks as if he's on his way to Comic-Con in his best Daryl Dixon cosplay. Let's hope Daryl kills him soon.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 7 on Sunday, Oct. 23 on AMC.