The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman appeared at New York Comic Con on Thursday. The writer and producer was there to talk about The Walking Dead comic series at a panel presented by publisher Skybound Entertainment, but he dropped some tidbits about what's coming up on the TV show, too

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Kirkman was joined by comedian Jason Mantzoukas and The Walking Dead editor Sean Mackiewicz, and the discussion was mostly confined to the comics series on which the show is based. He said some stuff he'd never said publicly about the comics, like that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was supposed to die at the end of the "Something to Fear" arc, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) delivering Negan's head in a box to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) at Hilltop as revenge for him killing her husband Glenn (Steven Yeun).

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But when asked directly about Glenn, who is first on the chopping block for who Negan kills in the secretive Season 7 premiere, or anything potentially spoiler-y about Season 7, Kirkman was amusingly gruff. When a Glenn superfan tried to get Kirkman to promise he wouldn't kill off Glenn on the show to make up for killing Glenn in the comics, Kirkman gave a straightforward non-answer. "I make no promises," he said. He told the fan that on the night of Oct. 23, once The Walking Dead has premiered, she'll either be very happy or very sad — "but I won't be there, so I don't care. "

"And whoever it is who died has been dead for almost a year at this point, so this is a pointless conversation," he added.

Robert KirkmanRobert Kirkman

So we may not have learned the identity of Negan's victim, but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it makes no difference to Robert Kirkman what you think of the choice.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 7 Oct. 23 at 9/8c on AMC.