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The Walking Dead's Tom Payne Thinks It Would Be "Lazy" to Make Jesus and Aaron a Couple

They don't have to get together

Liam Mathews

The Walking Dead currently has two gay male characters: Paul "Jesus" Rovia, the goodhearted kung fu master played by Tom Payne, and Aaron, the self-sacrificing scout from Alexandria played by Ross Marquand.

Fans have wanted them to get together since Jesus rose in Season 6, and the shipping went into overdrive early in Season 8 after Aaron's boyfriend Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) kicked the bucket. But it's been like a week! Eric's body is barely even cold yet!

"I'm like 'people, just hang on a second!'" Tom Payne says about #Jaaron. "First of all, [Aaron's] boyfriend just died. Second of all, we're in the middle of a war. I think the least thing that we're thinking about is 'who can I hook up with right now?'"

Payne thinks maybe it could happen at some point in the future, "but also I think it's a bit lazy if that happens. Like, really, the only two gay characters have to get together?"

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Payne is right. It would be reductive. The characters barely even talked on the show. Coupling them up would feel forced.

But Payne thinks might be kind of fun for them to talk about it.

"It would be cool if one day they were like, 'okay, so everyone thinks that we should get together. I mean, how stupid is that?''

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.