It's still not entirely clear after Sunday's The Walking Dead if Eugene's (Josh McDermitt) increasing allegiance to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is part of a long con to get revenge on the bat-wielding bad man or if, as it's really starting to look, he's fully converted to the other side.

The Walking Dead: Careful with those pickles, Eugene

Either way, the safe space he's enjoying as a result of affixing his lips to Negan's butt may be in jeopardy now, with the arrival of Harlan Carson — the doctor "recruited" from Hilltop to replace the other Carson doctor (Tim Parati) Negan chucked into an oven. Given that the new guy is about to enjoy easy access to the monster-in chief and, like Eugene, has the kind of expertise Negan prizes, could Eugene's status be at risk? caught up with McDermitt at PaleyFest in Los Angeles to find out.

The Walking Dead previews Season 8, Rick's finale scene at PaleyFest

"We have a medical doctor coming and even though Eugene is saying he has a bit of a medical background I think that he provides ideas more than anything," says McDermitt, who told fans during the show's panel that the human cockroach is just doing what he has to do to survive. "He's already proven himself to Negan. He may have to prove himself again, but he's more of the idea man."

Let's hope for his sake he has many more great ideas. Because if "prove himself" pans out to be what it sounds like, he'll need to think up some really clever solutions to avoid the inevitable mandate to betray his friends.

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