The Voice is eliminating two people Tuesday, as Season 11 races to its conclusion in just two weeks. That means it's time to get super serious about who's going to win this thing for the office pool — the imaginary one, I mean, because gambling isn't legal and all — and we got some strong clues Monday about the two contestants who'll be duking it out to win. Who are the best of the best? Drum roll...

Billy GilmanBilly Gilman

Billy Gilman, Team Adam Levine
His goose bump-inducing version of "Anyway" by Martina McBride reinforced yet again what major pipes the kid has and how much of a showman he is too. The song was fitting not only because it's the one that got him the attention of record execs, but the narrative — about doing hard, sometimes soul-crushing things because they're the right thing to do — is too perfect for him, given that he's seen his career collapse and now, very likely, rise again. Oh, how we love a narrative, don't we? Even without that, he hits notes that are so crisp and resonating, it's like they open your sinuses; he took us on a journey with that song, nailing its highs and lows. Even Miley acknowledged that we may have seen the winner. And since he's been No. 2 on the iTunes rankings for The Voice contestants for two weeks straight, he's one of the ones to beat.

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The other one to beat?

 Sundance Head Sundance Head

Sundance Head, Team Blake Shelton
Season 11's other consistently good and consistently surprising contestant, Sundance tackles R&B, soul, gospel, country and everything in between (I'm convinced he could do a dope trap music hook if you pressed him) and Monday's fantastic, Southern boot-stomping old-school country jamboree meshed all his insanely good range into one delicious brew. Despite the fact that "Me and Jesus," could be considered niche (some people get antsy when you talk religion, go figure) it was undeniably irresistible — and flawless. The man puts on a show just by standing there and oozing cool every time he performs; he's also been leading the iTunes rankings for the past weeks, too. While he and Billy may have to fight off some of their more talented peers, it's a safe bet that one of these two will ride this train to glory.

Who do you think will win?

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