After a bait-and-switch in which The Vampire Diaries made it seem as though Alaric's flirtatious intern Georgie (Allison Scagliotti) was the second siren, it turns out that the truth is much more terrifying. Seline (Kristen Gutoskie), the seemingly innocent nanny of Alaric (Matt Davis) and Caroline's (Candice King) twins, is actually the cannibalistic servant of Satan. We bet she didn't put that on her resume!

As it stands, fans are the only ones - besides Sybil (Nathalie Kelley), of course - who know Seline's secret. But according to Gutoskie, Seline won't be able to keep up her cover for much longer. See what else the actress revealed in the interview below!

Seline is the second siren! Now that that's been revealed, what are we going to see Seline get up to in this week's episode?
Kristen Gutoskie:
Seline kind of gets to get on her evil side a little bit more. You see her consoling Alaric after the death of Tyler (Michael Trevino) and playing two sides of the coin: you have her being the supportive nanny, but also taking an interest in the twins in a different way. Her evil plan involves the twins, let's just say that. And so you see her playing two sides of the coin in the next episode and surprising the characters.

How long do you think Seline can keep her cover?
I think the cat will get out of the bag pretty soon. I think she's really good at keeping things quiet and secretive, but I don't think she'll be able to do that forever. Hopefully it won't just be the audience knowing and enough of the characters will join the audience.

What can you reveal about Seline's intentions for the twins?
I can tell you that she takes an interest in them because they remind her of her and Sybil. They're these young, supernatural, incredibly powerful girls and that, in itself, makes them outcasts. I think that's something that she finds interesting about them because she relates to that. But the difference is, they have parents who are caring for them, whereas Sybil and Seline were outcast when they were teenagers. I think she has a protective side for them. She doesn't want them necessarily to be outcasts in the same way, but I think she also has a desire to teach them some things from the lessons she's learned.

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How will Alaric and Caroline respond when they discover the truth about who Seline is?
I think like any parent would. They'll freak out and do anything they can to make sure that she's not around the kids for very long.

Seline clearly feels deeply about Sybil and even the twins. But does she have any real affection for anyone else, or is she just using Alaric and Caroline?
I think she does like Alaric. I think Caroline is a little different. Caroline hasn't given off any warmth to Seline, so she's kind of a hard win. But I think she focuses on Alaric because he's a little more open to Seline. I definitely think she has an attraction to him. I think she's attracted to the person he is and the father he is, and I think her human side is really drawn to that. I don't think she has any dark intentions towards Alaric. I think she actually quite likes him. But that doesn't mean she'll do the best things.

Before learning Seline is a siren, some people were shipping Alaric and Seline. Would you say that ship is officially squashed or is that relationship still a possibility?
I think you just have to watch to find out, because now that Georgie's gone, Seline totally has an in. A lot of people were liking the Georgie-Alaric scenario and I think that kind of threatened Seline because she does have a connection to Alaric. There's potential, but I think you'll know very soon whether Alaric is going to be interested in Seline or not.

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Do you think it was right of Seline to turn Sybil into a siren?
Me personally, that would be a hard situation to watch somebody die, so I don't know if it was right or wrong. I think Sybil was awake at that point and they both did have to agree, so I don't think Sybil's as much of a victim as she likes to play herself off. But I don't think you should ever sell someone's soul to the devil if they're not up for it.

Sybil has expressed clear regrets about becoming a Siren, but how does Seline feel about serving Cade (Wolé Parks)?
Gutoskie: I think she's definitely tired of it. It's been a long time. That's why she's drawn to Alaric and the family. I think part of her wants to have a normal life. But when you've lived that many years serving the devil and doing these horrendous things, you start to get used to being that way. These sirens are powerful. They can go to a restaurant and you don't have to pay for your food, you get anything you want! So I think it's an interesting push-pull between wanting to live a normal life and getting so used to the power that you get from their psychic energy.

How would you describe Sybil and Seline's relationship as it stands right now?
Right now, they're in a fight. Right now, Sybil's pretty pissed at Seline for leaving her behind, but I think Seline's trying to make up for that by getting Georgie to crack her out of the cell. I think right now it could go one of two ways: they could make up or they could hold some resentment and make things pretty difficult for each other.

Sybil was imprisoned in the Armory for decades. What was Seline getting up to during that time?
I can't really tell you what she's been doing without giving away some plot points, but I think Seline's been trying to live a normal life. I just don't know if she's succeeding at it.

Cade created Hell, so does that mean there might be a version of heaven within the Vampire Diaries world too?
That would be cool. That would be very cool. There's still a lot of this season to shoot, so that's very possible, but not that I'm aware of.

What different ways will we see characters cope with the idea of Hell and being damned for eternity?
I think it will push a lot of the characters either to amend for their deeds and find redemption, or just say screw it, if I'm going to Hell I might as well do some hellish things. I definitely think Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) pushed to the ends of both of the spectrum and pushed to their limits. A lot of characters will act in extreme ways because they discover of Hell and what could happen to them.

The Vampire Diaries airs Friday at 8/7c on the CW.

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