With everything going on in The Vampire Diaries right now, Elena (Nina Dobrev) should probably be grateful she's in a magical coma. This way, she doesn't have to deal with the fact that her boyfriend murdered one of her good friends and has teamed up with a literal servant of Satan.

However, Elena will wake up eventually. Whether that day is in a few weeks or a few decades, we have no clue, but one way or another Elena will be back. And when she does wake up, what are Caroline (Candice King), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and the gang supposed to say? There's no Hallmark greeting card that's appropriate for when your best friend wakes up from the world's longest nap.

However, the TVD cast has a few choice ideas of what their characters' first words to Elena should be when she finally wakes up - but they aren't exactly what you'd expect. Check out all their suggestions in the video above!

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