Hollywood has lost another TV icon with the death of The Six Million Dollar Man star Richard Anderson at the age of 91.

The series was a popular sci-fi show, which aired from 1974-1978 about a former astronaut, Colonel Steve Austin (Lee Majors), who receives super strength from bionic implants. Anderson played Oscar Goldman, the director of the OSI (the secret government agency who created and employed Steve), and he spoke the show's opening voice over and popular catchphrase "We can rebuild him; we have the technology." Anderson also played the same character in The Bionic Woman, a spin-off of The Six Million Dollar Man.

Anderson started his career as a messenger for MGM and worked his way up to over 180 film and television roles in his 60 years in the business.

"Richard became a dear and loyal friend, and I have never met a man like him," Majors told Deadline in response to news of his passing. "I called him 'Old Money.' His always stylish attire, his class, calmness and knowledge never faltered in his 91 years. He loved his daughters, tennis and his work as an actor. He was still the sweet, charming man when I spoke to him a few weeks ago. I will miss you, my friend."