Salute Your Shorts Salute Your Shorts

Twenty-five years (a quarter of a century!) may have passed, but the gang from Camp Anawanna still look like the best of friends.

The cast of Salute Your Shorts reunited last week at Portland's Everything Is Festival, and when asked if they could see themselves doing a new series, a la Fuller House, there was a unanimous "yes." A new show could be called "Salutest Shortest," the cast joked, and they would "absolutely be back at camp. That's the best place, that's where we started and that's where we'll be," said Heidi Lucas, who played Dina.

While it may not be their first reunion in recent years — they gathered in 2012 at Stan Lee's Comicaze — but it was the largest meet-up, with Danny Cooksey, who played Budnick, the most notable absence.

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Series creator Steve Slavkin, who also played Dr. Kahn, appeared with Kirk Baily (Ug Lee), Megan Berwick (Z.Z. Ziff), Michael Bower (Donkeylips), Venus DeMilo (Telly), Trevor Eyster (Sponge), Lucas and Erik MacArthur (Michael).

Do you miss Salute Your Shorts? Can you sing that famous theme song like Bower can? Get it right, or pay the price!