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Overly Cautious The Price Is Right Player Disappoints Everyone

Kevin could have won a car. He chose not to

Liam Mathews

Ay carumba, Kevin!

A contestant named Kevin earned boos from The Price Is Right's studio audience when he made the safe choice of $1,500 instead of rolling the dice and trying to win a new car. Kevinnnnn, come on, you're killing us!

Kevin was playing a mini-game called "Let 'Em Roll," where a contestant rolls five dice down a chute. If the player gets a car icon on all five dice, they win a new car. Otherwise, they can settle for an amount of cash they rolled, which can go up to $1,500. On his first roll, Kevin rolled three cars and $1,500, while one die fell off the table. He rolled that die again and got a fourth car. The crowd, understandably, went nuts. Kevin had the opportunity to roll the last die two more times for the chance to win a car or just take the $1,500. He had a 50 percent chance of winning the car... and he opted to take the $,1500.

Kevin, nooooooooooo!

Drew Carey tried to talk him out of it while the audience screamed at him. Carey made it clear Kevin had two more chances to roll for the car. Kevin thought about it, and nope, he wanted that $1,500.

A persistent Carey was like, "Kevin, dude, please, go for the car," and Kevin enthusiastically said, "Oh no, $1,500 is fine!" and gave a thumbs up. The audience was stunned silent. Oblivious, Kevin exclaimed, "I love The Price Is Right!" The audience booed.

Is Kevin a performance artist? Are we being Punk'd? Is he teaching us a lesson about how life disappoints us? Or is he just a total ding-dong?

"Ugh, Kevin. You're a heartbreaker," Drew Carey concluded.

Don't give Kevin any coffee. He's not a closer. If Kevin were an investor in 1980s Silicon Valley, he would have turned down Apple shares because he had some perfectly good stock in IBM. If Kevin was Michael Jordan, it would have been "The Pass." If Kevin had to save the world, the world would (probably) end.

(Full disclosure: TV Guide is owned by CBS, which distributes The Price Is Right.)