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The Originals Mega Buzz: The Hollow Isn't Going Away Easily

Can't we just finally get the Originals in a room together again?

Lindsay MacDonald

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The trials and tribulations of the Mikaelson family have been especially hard on this season of The Originals, and The Hollow is entirely to blame.

Thanks to the dark magic in each of the siblings and Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), none of them can be in the same place very long before everything starts to hit the fan. So far, we've seen very little progress in the search to break this curse and reunite the family. Luckily, consulting producer Jeffrey Lieber says the Mikaelson's aren't going to stand idly by much longer.

"The Hollow issue, or as we've been calling it this season 'the dark magic issue,' is sort of the ongoing problem," Lieber says. "How do you put your family back together when they can't be in the same room? We're coming fairly close to a shift in that problem, which will change the dynamic."

So far, the dynamic has mostly been, "OMG GET AWAY BEFORE IT STARTS RAINING BLOOD," so this shift could mean that dark magic might finally be leaving the picture soon. Also, let's not forget the Season 5 trailer gave us that peak at some of Hope's crazy Hollow magic in action!

Danielle Rose Russel, The Originals


The Originals premieres Wednesday, April 18 at 9/8c on The CW.

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