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Which The Originals Cast Members Are Rooting for Klaroline?

Shippers gotta ship

Lindsay MacDonald

Ever since Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) abandoned his romantic pursuits with Caroline Forbes (Candice King) when he left The Vampire Diaries for The Originals, an eventual Klaroline resurgence has felt pretty inevitable. Five years later, that's proven to be true and the ship's fans are beyond excited for the multiple crossover episodes headed their way in Season 5 -- so excited, in fact, that you have to wonder if they aren't the only ones rooting for Klaus and Caroline to get together.

TV Guide took the matter to the cast of The Originals to find out who's secretly rooting for the Klaroline romance to get its day in the sun during the final season.

Claire Holt and Charles Michael Davis both say they'd be in favor of seeing those two characters get together at long last. "Yes! I'm rooting for Klaus to be with anyone at this point, honestly," Holt tells TV Guide. "I just want him to, like, settle down and find a nice gal. They're kind of like Marcel and Rebekah, there's been love there for a long time, so we'll see."

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Riley Voelkel says she's just excited to give the fans something she knows they're excited about. "I know the fans really love them, and [Candice is] just amazing on and off screen," she says, "and I think it's just always exciting to do any kind of crossover from the shows. We've enjoyed having anyone from The Vampire Diaries come over and vice versa, and it just is kind of extra special, especially for the fans. So I'm very excited about her coming."

As for Joseph Morgan, he took a more sarcastic approach to the matter. "That's the thing about the Klaus and Caroline fans, they're just not vocal about it," Morgan jokes. "Occasionally, I hear these kind of whispers and I go, 'Really? People are into that?' I wish someone had said something - for the last seven years."

The Originals premieres Wednesday, April 18 at 9/8c on The CW.

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