The Nine courtesy Craig Sjodin/ABC The Nine courtesy Craig Sjodin/ABC

What happened in there? How about, "What's happening in the ABC programming department?" The poor and the beleaguered The Nine has been pulled from the Alphabet net's schedule, leaving the final four episodes to see the light of day (or at least the light of that crappy lamp in your home office) at

Episodes 8 and 9 are already online, with 10 and 11 due imminently. Episode 12 will post Aug. 23, and the series finale goes up Aug. 30. A tiny ray of light at the end of this dark tunnel: Starting Aug. 31, I will be taking your "burning questions" regarding The Nine, and then getting them answered. Sound good?

PS. to Traveler fans: I spoke to Steven Culp today, and he let slip an interesting spoiler about the Fourth Branch. Watch for that full Q&A on Sept. 3, when Culp guests on The Closer.