The New Celebrity Apprentice kicked off its first season with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger Monday, and finally answered the question everyone's been dying to know.

No, it's not whether Snooki has really come into her own after Jersey Shore. The real question is, what's Arnold's version of "You're fired?" Speculation began when NBC fired previous host Donald Trump (ironic, right?) who took his well-known verbal pink slip with him (though of note, Trump reportedly remains on the payroll as an Executive Producer).

But bodybuilder, turned movie star, turned California governor, turned reality TV host Schwarzenegger ended months of guessing approximately halfway through the two-hour premiere, dismissing talk show host Carrie Keagan with the phrase: "You're terminated," before continuing with, "now get to the choppa."

The New Celebrity Apprentice: everything you need to know

'Twas the catchphrase heard around the reality TV world, since Arnold's kiss-off was the subject of much debate and a highly guarded secret from the producers and network. Now that it's out, the new question is: Will "you're terminated" become as much a staple of pop culture as its predecessor? We mean, more than it already has?

The New Celebrity Apprentice airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.