ABC's upcoming comedy The Mayor is about a rapper who runs for mayor of his city as a way to promote his music career and accidentally ends up winning. The premise is presented as a comical one, but unqualified self-promoters have won much bigger elections before, so why shouldn't a rapper get elected to office? Especially if they may actually do a good job?

That's what stars Brandon Micheal Hall and Yvette Nicole Brown think about Common and Chance the Rapper, either of whom could realistically run for office someday (probably mayor of Chicago).

"They care about people, and they're woke," says Brown.

"They're not afraid to speak about issues that are meaningful to them," says Hall. "They are people that are in higher positions that haven't forgotten about the people that got them to that position." That's why Chance donated $1 million to Chicago public schools as part of a campaign to pressure the governor of Illinois to fix the school system's budget.

Bernard David Jones and Marcel Spears, meanwhile, are more abstract in their thinking. Ice Cube would be a great Vice President because he'd be so angry all the time that he'd make things happen. Of course, he'd need someone more chill to balance out the anger, so his running mate would have to be Snoop Dogg.

And Lea Michele just watched The Defiant Ones, so she's convinced Dr. Dre can do anything.

Find out how rapper ternt mayor Courtney Rose does when The Mayor premieres Tuesday, Oct. 3 on ABC.