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The Masked Singer Finale: Monster Won, but His Identity Stumped Everyone!

How many masked singers did you guess right?

Lindsay MacDonald

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the season finale episode of The Masked Singer.]

The Masked Singer's first season has come to a close, and the world is going to be a sadder, far less foolish place without it. At the beginning of this bonkers new series, 12 famous faces put on mind-blowing masks to battle each other for nothing in particular besides bragging rights, but it all came down to the three finalists in the finale episode: Monster, Peacock and Bee. The epic 2-hour finale -- only one of which you actually needed to watch -- crowned a winner and revealed every identity, even if one of those identities was a total shocker to the judges.

Peacock kicked off the night, performing "Shake a Tail Feather" because duh. He showed off his signature soulfulness, helped along by this Blues Brothers classic. Though his voice is killer, he reminded us all that he's a performer above all else by going into the audience in this performance. Typical crowd-pleaser move. His new clue for the night was that he starred alongside a pharaoh in Egypt (another clue likely linking him to Donny Osmond's performance in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat). The judges guessed once again that he could be Neil Patrick Harris, and Robin Thicke doubled down on his theory that it's Weird Al Yankovic.

Obviously, we're not wavering from our Donny Osmond theory, but tonight's performance did have us doubting ourselves ever so slightly. Robin Thicke is just so sure that it's Weird Al under the beak, and he was right on when he guessed that the Raven was Ricki Lake.

​Peacock, The Masked Singer

Peacock, The Masked Singer

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Bee was up next, and she sang "Can't Make You Love Me" to perfection. There's just no way on Earth this lady is anything other than a pro -- heaven knows she should be with almost 70 years invested in her career. Her new clues for the night were that she'd won a singing competition before the judges were even born, and she also had a Vegas residency on her resume. Hmm. The judges were stunned by this singer for the umpteenth time, but only Ken Jeong actually guessed who might be under the mask after hearing her rendition of this song. Anita Baker? Come on, Ken. Do better.

While the chances that it's Baker aren't totally nil, we still think guest judge Kenan Thompson said it best when he called the performance "un-Bee-Gladys-Knight-able."

Bee, The Masked Singer

Bee, The Masked Singer

Monster went last, singing "This is How We Do It." He once again showed off his dancing skills -- how he can dance in that getup is beyond us -- but the really remarkable thing about Monster is that he somehow adapts his voice to every song he sings, sounding exactly like the original artist. Jeong hit the nail on the head by calling him a chameleon. Jenny McCarthy said a whole lot of nothing about making them all laugh and cry, but Thompson's comments about him being brave enough to put on a furry trash can every week took the cake. New clues from Monster were that he'd been in the business for 12 years, but the judges guess of Jamie Foxx doesn't exactly jive with that.

This guy has been one of the hardest voices to nail down since he's so versatile, and we've speculated that he could be T-Pain, Gucci Mane or Lil Jon.

The Masked Singer: The Best and Worst Guesses

​Monster, The Masked Singer

Monster, The Masked Singer

When it finally came time to pick a winner, Bee and Peacock were passed over for first place in favor of Monster, who was crowned the Season 1 champ! We knew all that talk about this show being a second chance and overcoming his "monstrous" public image by going undercover would make him go far!

Bee, who came in third place, was revealed to be exactly who we thought: the legendary Gladys Knight! It was so obvious that everyone but Ken Jeong got this one. Second place went to Peacock, who obviously turned out to be Donny Osmond. Even though we were totally sure about this reveal, the judges were all over the board. Jenny McCarthy was the only one to get it right! Props to him for also revealing that after doing this show every week, he's also immediately hopped on a flight to do his Vegas show too. Work!

Last but not least, let's unmask our winner! Monster, whose unveiling involved lifting off the entire top half of that costume, turned out to be T-Pain! Woohoo, we beat the judges on that one hard! It's understandable that T-Pain wouldn't be anyone's first guess for this guy though. Most people assume all the auto-tune on T-Pain's songs means he can't sing at all, but we couldn't be happier to be wrong! The judges were all completely in the dark here with guesses like Jamie Foxx, Michael Vick (which Ken Jeong thought sounded like a failed pilot), Darius Rucker, Cee Lo Green, and Tyrese Gibson.

Psh... amateurs. At least Nick Cannon guessed right!

The Masked Singer will return for a second season at a later date.