Mel Rodriguez Mel Rodriguez

Right when it looks like Phil (Will Forte) finally gets to bone the woman of his dreams on The Last Man on Earth, he's blocked by an unlikely new romantic rival: Todd (Mel Rodriguez).

Instead of being overjoyed at finding out another human being is alive, Phil can't help but begrudge his new neighbor for being yet another obstacle in wooing Melissa (January Jones). "The right thing, I guess, is for Todd and Melissa to pair up and me and Carol, since were already married, we're automatically paired up," Forte says in this exclusive video.

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And while Phil attempts to use Todd's looks against him, Todd's charming personality outdoes Phil's petty attempts at manipulation every time. "Todd is the guy that we should all probably try to be. He's kind, considerate. He's a little overweight and stuff, but he's comfortable in his skin. He's confident with who he is," Rodriguez says.

The Last Man on Earth airs Sundays at 9/8c on Fox.