Season 2 of The Good Place is almost here and we finally have our first look at what Eleanor's (Kristen Bell) world looks like after that jaw-dropping twist!

In the Season 1 finale, Eleanor, Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto) learned that they aren't in the Good Place, but are actually residing in an experimental offshoot of the Bad Place created by Michael (Ted Danson). Just as Eleanor figured things out, their memories were erased by Michael and now they're being forced to start over without any knowledge of where they are or the friendships they built. The new season will see them all separated and paired with different "soulmates" in order to cause them even more torment.

The first sneak peek at the new season, which was released on Wednesday, reveals that Eleanor is off to a slow start in figuring out where she really is and the significance of the secret message that instructs her to find Chidi. Meanwhile, Michael teases a few adjustments he made to his experimental world. But the question remains: Will it work?

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Michael's down to his final shot and if he fails again, he faces a fate far worse than thinking you made it into heaven by mistake.

The Good Place returns Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 10/c on NBC.