That's Coach Barry to you. Maybe.

After failing an aptitude test on Wednesday's episode of The Goldbergs, Barry (Troy Gentile) decides that his true calling is to become a gym teacher, just like Coach Mellor (Bryan Callen).

"Dad, you're right," he tells Murray (Jeff Garlin) in our exclusive sneak peek. "It's time I find my place in society, and what could impact society more than me teaching youth how to do light exercise and parachute games?"

Nothing, frankly. But to hear creator Adam F. Goldberg tell it, Barry (surprise) has some different motives. "He wants to become a gym coach so no one could challenge his authority and he can wear short shorts for comfort and eat a lot," Goldberg tells "Because who wouldn't, right?"

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Suffice it to say, Barry finds out that being a P.E. teacher isn't all it's cracked up to be. But who cares when you can chow down on a "classic English breakfast" that would rival Michael Phelps' diet?

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