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The Family Exclusive Sneak Peek: Ben Tells Danny He's Not Adam!

The truth is finally out

Joyce Eng

Poor Danny. He was the only one who suspected that "Adam" was not quite right when he returned on The Family. And he was right, since "Adam" is actually Ben (Liam James) -- and on Sunday's series finale (9/8c, ABC), Ben will actually come clean to Danny (Zach Gilford).

"It didn't matter that you walked away from Willa (Alison Pill) that day. [Doug] knew who he wanted. He would've just taken him another time," Ben casually tells Danny in the exclusive sneak peek above. "If I wasn't at an arcade that day, he would've taken me [from] somewhere else too."

"Dude, you weren't at the arcade," a completely puzzled Danny says. "You were at the park."

"No, that was Adam," Ben replies. "My name is Ben."

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Ben's confession is a final effort to sort of make amends before taking matters into his own hands in the episode. "Ben doesn't really know what to do," creator Jenna Bans tells TVGuide.com. "He's kind of confused because he's at a precarious point where Willa and Claire (Joan Allen) know he can't stay and he feels pressure to do something, and he does do something."

Zach Gilford and Liam James, The Family ABC

As for Danny, you can imagine he won't be gloating, "Called it!" Instead, he'll take in the bombshell in a similar way to how he reacted to finding out about Willa and Bridey's (Floriana Lima) relationship. "I like to think Danny doesn't react the way you expect people to react when they find out major news," Bans says. "He internalizes a lot of things, which explains a lot about his [drinking] behavior."

The Family, which was not renewed by ABC on Thursday, will wrap up a lot of storylines in Sunday's episode, but it will also set up a Season 2 arc that now will not come to fruition.

"This will not be an unsatisfying finale where we don't answer everything we've been asking all season," Bans says. "[It's] 90 percent answers and 10 percent posing of new questions to launch us into a potential Season 2."

Watch the sneak peek above. The Family series finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on ABC.