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The Challenge: These Are the Nastiest Feuds to Look Out For

There is so much beef in this season

Megan Vick

Another season of The Challenge, MTV's reality competition that pits young studs and studettes against each other for cash prizes, is heading our way and it is going to be brutal. The next installment, Final Reckoning, will conclude the reality show's trilogy of seasons that began with Dirty 30 last year and continued with Vendettas, and will bring members of both casts together to battle it out and settle their scores once and for all.

To understand the competition ahead, we have to take a look at which players are returning for the final season. People released the full cast announcement on Wednesday (June 6) and the official Challenge Instagram revealed who will be partnered up with who this season. The teams were decided based on the biggest feuds, regardless of gender, which is going to make the physical competitions in Final Reckoning extremely interesting.

Here's who will appear on Final Reckoning, and where we've seen them before:

Angela Babicz (Ex on the Beach, Challenge rookie) and Faith Stowers (Ex on the Beach, Challenge rookie)
Sylvia Elsrode (Vendettas) and Joss Mooney (Vendettas)
Melissa Reeves (Vendettas) and Kam Williams (Vendettas)
Nelson Thomas (Vendettas) and Shane Landrum (Vendettas)
Tori Deal (Dirty 30; Vendettas mercenary) and Derrick Henry (Dirty 30)
Veronica Portillo (Vendettas) and CT Tamburello (Dirty 30; Vendettas mercenary)
Amanda Garcia (Dirty 30) and Zach Nichols (Vendettas)
Jenna Compono (Dirty 30) and Jemmye Carroll (Vendettas)
Cara-Maria Sorbello (Vendettas champ) and Marie Roda (Vendetta)
Da'Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17, Challenge rookie) and Jozea Flores (Champs vs Stars)
Kyle Christie (Vendettas) and Brad Fiorenza (Vendettas)
Natalie Negrotti (Vendettas) and Paulie Calafiore (Ex on the Beach, Challenge rookie)
Britni Nichol (Vendettas) and Chuck Mowery (Are You the One? Season 3, Challenge rookie)
Kayleigh Morris (Vendettas) and Kailah Casillas (Vendettas)
Sylvia Elsrode (Vendettas) and Joss Mooney (Vendettas)
Johnny Bananas (Vendettas) and ???
While each partner pairing has friction ranging from one-night fights to multiple seasons worth of backstabbing or romantic drama, the fact that they now have to be partners forces them to put a lot of that drama behind them for the sake of the game. So we're going to skip their individual grievances and instead break down who is going to be gunning for who, whether their partner likes it or not.

Johnny Bananas, The Challenge​

Johnny Bananas, The Challenge


Johnny Bananas vs Tony or Devin: MTV is purposefully keeping Bananas' partner under wraps which means it's going to be a big twist in the premiere and there's two possible contenders. Devin is the one who actually sent Bananas home during elimination on Vendettas (and hasn't stopped bragging about it since), but Bananas never would have been in that position if it weren't for Tony. Bananas' protégé turned against his mentor in the most shocking moment of the season when he was the deciding vote sending Johnny into the puzzle elimination Devin managed to win.

Tony made a Challenge-career long vendetta with that decision. If he shows up to Final Reckoning thinking that being Bananas' partner is going to save him from the wrath of the most prolific player in this game, he should go talk to Sarah Rice. She thought the same thing during Rivals 3 only for Bananas to make her the victim of the most ruthless backstabbing in Challenge history when he took their entire final prize of $275.000 for himself. This will not end well for whoever ends up on Bananas' team.

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Bananas vs Natalie: Bananas managed to avoid ex-drama on The Challenge for years because he had a girlfriend at home. Vendettas was the first time he was single and he got really "close" with Natalie before rumors of an alleged hookup between him and Kayleigh threw the house into a tailspin. Bananas' failure to apologize to Natalie or even explain to her what happened put a big rift between them and will be another wrinkle in Bananas' always complicated path to victory on this show.

Cara-Maria vs Kyle: These two lovebirds were hot and heavy through all of Vendettas, but by the reunion special it was obvious the honeymoon phase ended once the cameras were turned off. It turns out that Kyle was even more of a ladies' man than the cameras let on and the 5,000-mile difference between the two didn't lead to off-screen romance. That's cool, but it's already been revealed that Cara-Maria hooks up with Paulie this season which leaves a lot of potential for drama if Kyle comes to Final Reckoning expecting to slide back into Cara-Maria's bunk.

Cara-Maria vs Kailah and Jenna: Cara-Maria has emerged as the top female competing on The Challenge these days, which puts a big target on her back, but Kailah and Jenna have taken the most shots at her out of anyone. It started on Dirty 30 when Kailah and Jenna defected from their alliance with Cara-Maria and Camilla to send Cara-Maria straight to the redemption house. It continued on Vendettas when Kailah made it clear she was coming for Cara-Maria's crown. The fact that Cara-Maria went on to become the first universal winner of The Challenge (meaning she beat the girls and the boys for first place) only adds fuel to this feud's fire.

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Shane vs Jozea: This is Jozea's first season of The Challenge proper, but he's already made a name for himself on the spin-off Champs vs Stars. Jozea loves to brag but doesn't really have the physical game to back it up. Shane spent most of Champs vs Stars Season 3 trying to throw Jozea into elimination only to have the latter survive by the skin of his teeth. If Jozea can keep up this cat-like luck in Final Reckoning, bet your butt that Shane is going to have something extremely dramatic to say about it.

Marie vs Britni and Brad: Oh sorry, did you think Pizza-gate was over? Marie may have thought that putting pizza on Britni and Brad while they were having sex was a funny joke, but it continued to be an explosive fight during the Vendettas reunion special with both Marie and Britni pouring salt into the still open wound. This won't cause too much drama on the field but it'll definitely play into political decisions and set off fireworks in the house itself.

Joss vs Bananas (and everyone): Joss entered Vendettas as a Challenge rookie but made it known he was the one to beat in the very first challenge. He is a physical specimen of a human and all of the big dogs know it, so they made it a mission to get rid of him. If they hadn't lucked out by sending Joss into a mercenary elimination against Derrick Kosinski, the only person with enough stamina to wear Joss down to making a mistake, Joss would have completely changed how the back half of Vendettas went down. Expect him to come into this house thirsty for redemption, and that's going to mean taking some big guys out. The delicious part is that he's good enough at this game to do it and really shake things up.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning premieres July 10 at 9/8c on MTV.