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Jane's (Katie Stevens) romantic woes with Ben (Luca James Lee) and Pinstripe (Dan Jeannotte) aren't the only rough waters ahead for her, since The Bold Type Season 2 will also bring her BRCA gene back into play.

"I was very excited to touch more on the BRCA gene situation," Katie Stevens told TV Guide. "Especially in Episode 8, Jane is forced to think more about it and kind of face what that does to her future and what having the gene means in terms of the decisions that she needs to make in her life."

In Season 1, Jane got tested for the mutated gene that leads to breast cancer, and odds were high since her mother died of the disease. When she tested positive, Jane had to come to terms with the fact the she had a much higher risk of developing breast cancer or ovarian cancer one day.

As for what having the gene means for Jane's future storylines, it could be anything from preventative surgery to figuring out when and if she wants to have kids. Luckily, Ben will probably be on hand to help her talk through it all. As a female health practitioner, he's bound to have some insight.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

Katie Stevens, <em>The Bold Type</em>Katie Stevens, The Bold Type