We all tell our kids little white lies, but how many of them do they actually believe? Disney+ is sure ready to find out with their new series, The Big Fib.

The game show, hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown with Rhys Darby as her robot sidekick, C.L.I.V.E., will put kids to the test to see whether they can tell a fib from the truth. As part of the game, kids in the hot seat will get to ask an expert and a really good liar about a specific topic, and it's up to them to decide who's lying their butt off. And because what's a competition if someone doesn't end up covered in goo for losing, the liar will get doused in Fib Foam if the kid chooses right.

We can't think of a more perfect person to host this series than Yvette Nicole Brown, who promises some hilarious results that will keep the audience, kids and adults alike, on their toes.

"The best thing actually about the show is that the kids are in control," Brown told TV Guide. "So from the time the show begins, I'm there as like the cruise director, so to speak, but the babies are the ones that ask questions. They are in control of how the game plays. So I thought it would be a fun little romp for kids to ask their questions, but the babies had such amazing questions... The whole time, I was just amazed by what I was learning by their insightful questions."

Yvette Nicole Brown, <em>The Big Fib</em>Yvette Nicole Brown, The Big Fib

If you're wondering whether Brown is in on the fib, it turns out her hosting duties didn't come with an answer key — she's just as in the dark about who the liar is as the kids! And apparently, we should all be thankful that it isn't up to her to make the final guess...

"No, I don't know anything! I never got it right, by the way. I think I picked the wrong person in the final round every single time," Brown said, adding that quite a bit of energy is put into keeping experts hidden from her. "And I wanted it that way because I want to be able to play along. I love game shows, myself. I love games, myself. So I wanted to be able to take the ride with the kids as they were asking the questions."

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As well as being a barrel of laughs, it sounds like The Big Fib is an educational opportunity as well based on the topics it covers. Brown teased a variety of topics the show covers such as space, undersea creatures, sports, and even animation! Disney, no doubt, had plenty of experts to choose from for that particular episode.

Check out TV Guide's exclusive photos from The Big Fib down below. This one might just be your new favorite kid-friendly series!

<em>The Big Fib</em>The Big Fib <em>The Big Fib</em>The Big Fib <em>The Big Fib</em>The Big Fib Yvette Nicole Brown, <em>The Big Fib</em>Yvette Nicole Brown, The Big Fib <em>The Big Fib</em>The Big Fib <em>The Big Fib</em>The Big Fib

The Big Fib premieres May 22nd, streaming only on Disney+.