Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

WrestleMania is coming up again, which means we can expect a lot of random celebrities to pop up - some good and some bad. As the day of reckoning approaches, let's look back on some of the best and worst WWE celebrity cameos of all time.

Best: Aaron Paul His enthusiasm is contagious, bitch!

Worst: The New Three Stooges

No one wanted to see these guys in a Three Stooges movie, so why would they want to see them on Raw?

Best: Hugh Jackman

"Hosting the Oscars was cool, but the Oscars isn't in front of 15,000 screaming fans in Cleveland."

Worst: Jeremy Piven and Ken Jeong

Why couldn't Piven have had "mercury poisoning" that night?

Best: Cyndi Lauper

Don't mess with Cyndi or else you'll get a record to the head.

Worst: Jerry Springer

Springer's family drama shtick just didn't work without the Mardi Gras beads and Steve Wilkos.

Best: Mike Tyson

We will never complain when a brawl interrupts Vince McMahon.

Worst: Kim Kardashian

In another life, Kardashian could have been our least favorite WWE Diva instead of our least favorite reality star.

Best: Freddie Prinze Jr.

I don't care if all the references in this segment are a decade late — it's fabulous.

Worst: Donald Trump

Who wants to see a bunch of rich people arguing about rich people problems?

Best: Snooki

This little meatball deserves major credit for getting in the ring and really getting her hands dirty.

Worst: K.Fed

Somehow the former Mr. Britney Spears managed to score a pinfall against Jon Cena. How? Why? These are questions we'll never have answered.

Best: The Muppets

Miss Piggy should have a career revival as a Diva.

Worst: Liberace

How big of an audience overlap do you think there is between Liberace and WrestleMania?

Best: Shaq

The ultimate battle of the giants.

Best: Pee-wee Herman

Pee-wee's over-the-top shtick fits in perfectly in the ring.

Worst: Drew Carey

Why would they ever subject him to competing in the Royal Rumble?

Best: Bob Barker

He is an American icon and can do no wrong.

Worst: Rev. Al Sharpton

Maybe the most perplexing guest host of all time.