It was a tense two hours as Kaitlyn faced both her exes and some of her haters on The Bachelorette "Men Tell All."

While host Chris Harrison put several of the men - Jared, Ben Z, Ben H and J.J. — in the hot seat, it was guys like Ian and Corey who tried to steal the show. While Corey really worked to add a few extra minutes to his nonexistent 15 minutes of fame, Ian actually shocked viewers by doing a 180 from the last time we saw him. Finally, Kaitlyn had her time on stage where she not only faced the men she had dumped - and their reactions to what's transpired with the Nick and Shawn situations - but many of the nasty comments she's received from people over the last two months.

What did Harrison think of the night? Who shocked him and who is he still confused about? He weighs in on our favorite moments from the episode.

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1. Ian apologizes.
For a guy who so openly berated Kaitlyn before his exit, it was shocking to see Ian literally beg for forgiveness. "Ian was great," Harrison says. "He came out and threw himself on the mercy of the board and totally apologized and owned it all."

2. Addressing the haters.
Talk about a polarizing season that lead to a tremendous amount of negativity aimed towards Kaitlyn. "We needed to deal head-on with all the hate for Kaitlyn and the slut-shaming and cyber-bullying so we just blew the lid off of it," Harrison says. "It took an entire segment [to] read all of the explicit and graphic tweets and e-mails."

3. Ben is perfect.
Here's another reason why we love Ben: He refused to let any of the guys be mean to her telling one of them, "I won't let somebody bash Kaitlyn." He did, however, get the chance to ask Kaitlyn why she didn't tell him about sex with Nick and also shed some light on the night she told Shawn he was "the one." "Ben was the only one privy to the conversation with Shawn and he really exposed that whole night and what happened, which was very enlightening," Harrison recently told us. "

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4. J.J. vs. Clint.
So much for clarity on the bizarre BFFs-turned-enemies situation. While J.J. claimed most of what he and Clint talked about was actually Kaitlyn, Clint took the opportunity to try to defend himself calling out Josh who told Kaitlyn about a few of the guys' possible ill intentions. "This wasn't about Josh finds a wife for Kaitlyn," he said - and we're assuming he also meant husband. "It's about her deciding who's right for her." Harrison, though, wasn't buying it. "Clint just seems angry at the world," he told us. "He's uncomfortable with himself and it radiated; he had this awkward vibe. The whole Clint and J.J. [relationship] I still don't get." Speaking of J.J., who's off to Paradise, Harrison did share this surprising tease: "I hate to bust the thought of who he is, but he's not a bad guy. He's a proud, strong man who stands for his convictions and I think sometimes his passion could be misguided and he can be misread," Harrison shared. "But I actually think he's a pretty good guy."

5. That Bachelor in Paradise promo.
It's like the Bachelor gods knew we needed some steamy teases from Paradise (which we're way too excited for than we'd like to admit). We finally got to see some of Kaitlyn's men who will be on including Jared who shared during "Men Tell All" he's having trouble getting over Kaitlyn. But from what Harrison tells us we're hopeful he had some help trying to move on. "You will see the same great guy and the women in Paradiserealize what an amazing catch he is. That's the beauty of Paradise just because he didn't have it with one person, doesn't mean there aren't other options. Although I wish we could get rid of the beard, but baby steps!"

The Bachelorette finale airs on Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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